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PhD School Mauterndorf

March 24. - 28., 2015

VITI School


The VITI PhD School will be held in Mauterndorf, Austria on March 24.-28., 2015.


Members of both - VITI and ENB (Elite Network of Bavaria) - will come together in the beautiful wintersport village Mauterndorf in Lungau, Austria. PhD students from RWTH Aachen, FZ Jülich, SIMIT Shanghai, the University of Regensburg and Würzburg will be able to get to know each other, exchange and discuss scientific knowledge and create new contacts.

Every participant is asked to give a talk of 15 to 20 minutes about her/his recent work. As mostly PhD students will attend, the talk can be used to present results and problems that normally are not discussed on conferences. Feel free to end your talk with open questions to the audience and profit from the experience gained in the different research facilities of our network. There will be enough time for prolonged discussions.

Furthermore, every speaker has the opportunity to receive an open and/or personal feedback from Julie Stearns, a PhD consultant and presentation coach from "impulsplus", she will be with us for the whole workshop. Besides some lessons about basic and advanced presentation skills, her work will include an individual video analysis for every participant. If someone explicitly does not want to have a feedback (private and/or public) she/he should let us know in advance, as we are preparing a schedule for Julie.
Additionally we are happy to announce two invited external speakers.

Jeroen Oostinga from Elsevier publishing will talk about how to present and publish scientific results. As he was postdoc in Würzburg and worked on topological insulators himself, he is perfectly familiar with the subject. He is happy to share with us his insight of looking at “How to construct a successful publication” from a solid-state-publishers point of view.

Fabian Hassler from RWTH Aachen University will talk about quantum information. He will start at basic research on topological insulators and guide us along the path to finally realize possible future applications (Spintronic devices and topological Qubits).


Peter Schüffelgen, PGI-9, Jülich
Kalle Bendias, EP-3, Würzburg
Maximilian Kessel, EP-3, Würzburg

Workshop report:

VITI School Mauterndorf group photoImpressions from the VITI - ENB School in Mauterndorf

The members of the doctorate programs VITI (Virtual Institute of Topological Insulators) and ENB TI (Elitenetzwerk Bayern Doktorandenkolleg Topologische Isolatoren) have met for the first ‘VITI & ENB PhD spring meeting on topological insulators 2015’ in Mauterndorf (Austria), March 24 – 28, 2015. Pooling both programs concentrates the young theoretical and experimental researchers in the specialized field of topological insulators (TIs).

The cozy and familiar concept with presentations and many discussions enabled know-how transfer as well as personal networking. The presented high-end research acquired in the institutes of Forschungszentrum Jülich, the Universities of Regensburg and Würzburg as well as in the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology displayed recent developments in the field. Not only the crystal growth, sample fabrication and measurements but also theoretical concepts and calculations were vividly discussed.

Two extraordinary invited-speakers completed the program. Prof. Fabian Hassler (RWTH Aachen) gave theoretical lectures from topological insulators to quantum computing. Dr. Jeroen Oostinga (Elsevier) informed about how to get research work published. In addition all participants were able to benefit from a professional presentation coaching by Julie Stearns (impuls plus) with lectures, video analysis and personal feedback.

The VITI & ENB TI PhD spring meeting 2015 was a great success.